Monday, April 4, 2011

Sew Sweet Singer

Hi all, just wanted to share a pic of my little Singer Featherweight that I picked up at an auction a couple of weekends ago.  This was the consignment auction that  I got my set of Jadeite dishes at 2 years ago.  There was lots of sewing stuff there, so me and Hubby and my brother and sister in law made a day of it.  There were 3 Featherweight machines up for bid.  Hubby tried to buy me one 2 years ago at this auctions, but I made him quit bidding at $345.   I got mine for $170.00 ..SCORE!!  Robin got one too, its a little nicer, it had attachments and the box it sits in...I think she paid $260.00. So that was my anniversary gift from the hubby.  It is so cute...took me 2 days to figure out I had the needle threaded wrong, but I finally got it sewing.  There were 12 or 15 boxes of feedsack fabric there, these had maybe 10 or 12 pieces each in them and they went for $100 to $210 a box...can you believe that...and the same lady got them all!  There was also a ton of vintage fabric...I was willing to go $40 for the box I went for $90....bummer!  It had such cute fabric in it...all retro and kitcheny...we got no fabric that all went high.  But we are happy with our little machines and had a fun day.