Sunday, December 1, 2013

Mason Jar "Chandelier"

Here is my version of a mason jar chandelier. I might hang this from the ceiling after Christmas, but since I don't have any ceiling hooks it will be just fine on my pastry cupboard for now.

I printed snowflakes onto vellum paper and wrapped it around each jar. I used a 100 strand of white lights and just stuffed them into the jars.  I didn't like the way all the white wires showed, so I place a wreath on top that has red berries and pine cones on it and that did the trick.  After the holidays I may try out some different lights or maybe the battery operated flameless candles.....if I can find some that are on a timer.  I don't think I want to have to reach in the jars everyday to turn them on....especially if it's hanging from the ceiling!  I am pretty pleased with the has such a pretty glow and shows off my jadeite Santa cookie jar so nicely!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

New Dry Sink done!

A few weeks ago I decided I needed a dry sink.  I wanted one with 2 levels of drawers and cupboard doors below.  I have been a little cramped on storage space in my kitchen so I thought that was good enough reason to go shopping.  I found one locally that had the space I needed, but it was painted black.   So with a little antique white paint and a few hours work, it is now perfect.



Full of vintage goodness!
I think this is the 4th arrangement I did.

One below, had a birdcage on the left, but I thought it looked too big
and one had an ice cream can that I thought was too small.
I have very happy with the outcome.  I will add some Christmas touches
next week!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Some New Aprons and Purses

Made a few new aprons for my last show. Christmas and Ohio State and Chickens...what a combination.  Also did some children's aprons....for boys and girls.

What a sassy Santa with his leopard trimmed hat!

I call this one Funky colorful and love the black chicken wire fabric!

Made a few new purses too!  New pattern is a cross body sack type bag. Love the key fabric!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Craft Show Goodness!

So Saturday is my first craft show of the season.  I have done this show for many years and always do very well, but I am switching things up a bit, which has me a little nervous!   No purses this year!....not a one!

Primitive decorating is very big in our area.  It's not really my style, but I decided to combine prim items with decorating styles that I like.  So I am calling it  "Prim and Proper"....prim, shabby and cottage d├ęcor with a vintage flair!   I have also figured out how to print on burlap and other types of fabric to create some really cool pillows and other art pieces.  As you can see I kinda have a thing for mason jars!  Here are a few samples of what I will have at the show.  I will post pictures of my booth after the sale.  Wish me luck!

Table runners....and they are reversible!

A few repurposed garage sale spray paint is a wonderful thing!

A little kitchen shadow who wouldn't love Possum Stew!
This drawer was laying in the "free" pile at a garage sale....I love it when that happens!

Mason jars that I added a Primitive Pantry label to.
Mason jar pillows

Clipboard art and a cute clothespin tuck pillow.

More mason jars and clothespins

Little art wall hangings.

Altered vintage these!

Scrabble words

burlap hearts

burlap pillows

A little Halloween stitchery.

A sewing collage box.....might have to keep this for myself!

A few vintage accessories...truck not for sale!

Mini quilts or candle mats.

Sewing machine drawer collage

Prim babies!

More prim babies.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Garage sale finds, befores and afters.

Here are a few items I found at garage sales and have redone.  A little spray paint and fabric can do wonders.


A desk drawer that was free.

Turned into a cute kitchen wall hanging.
That's all for now.....more later.
Thanks for stopping by.