Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sisters Sewing Soiree

Back in June we had another meeting of the sisters sewing get together in North Carolina.  Me and my 3 older sisters tote all our sewing machines, projects, fabric to my sister Diana's house.  She has a studio behind her home that can accomodate all of us and right outside the door is a swimming its all good!  This year we invited my sister in law Robin to come along. We call her our "sister from another mister" !  We had a blast!  Lots of sewing, a little wine, lots of laughter, and it would not be complete without a trip to Mary Jo's Cloth Store in Gastonia, NC.  We also brought gifts for each other, it was just like Christmas.   I'll share some of those later.
 We refer to the get together as TBASSS.  Which stands for The Broke Ass Sisters Sewing Soire.  There's a little background story to that name. When were in the planning stages 3 of the 4 sisters broke something.  Diana - ankle, Charlotte- ankle,  Janee- ribs (like 6 of them in a car accident).  I must be an honorary member...I just had a broken heart cause all my sisters were in a bad way.  But all is mended now.

Diana's studio is awesome. She had little work stations set up for each of us with power cords and little ironing stations right by our sewing machines with a built in pin cushion.  I will be adding some of our projects later.  We all pieced french braid table runners.

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