Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mini Collage Quilts

I have tried 3 times to make this post.....so here we go again.  I am just going to  type and add the photos and not try to move stuff around cause that just isn't workin for me.

I have had the idea in my brain for a while and decided to experiment on a collage quilt.  I have used a variety of mediums; fabric, paper, ribbon, buttons, lace doilies and old keys and some old jewelry.  I think there's a name for that...maybe mixed media.   I really like the look, a little vintage, a little retro.  The one with the spoon was really fun to do.  I love the little vintage hangers.  I found these online a long time ago, not knowing exactly what I would do with them.  Now that I came up with this idea, I am having trouble finding them.  The website I got the first ones from no longer carries them.  So I e-mailed the wholesaler to see if they had them and ask if I bought a dozen, would they give me a discount.  Well, it turns out they only had a handful left, but they sent me what they had at only 3.00 each (I paid 4.00 for the first ones).  They are trying to find a manufacturer in China to make them.  They told me a scrapbook company wanted to order 6000 of them if they ever find someone to make them.  I hope they work it out!   I will be selling these at a craft show I am doing at Clear Fork School on November 14th.  I will also have aprons and purses to sell.  I'll leave the big quilts to my three "sew sisters", and I'll stick to these little ones!

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  1. Margi, those are so cute! Where did you find measuring tape ribbon? too cute.. Those might look right fetching on a red wall somewhere.. you know if anyone you knew had a red wall... just sayin'..