Friday, March 4, 2011


Thanks to my sisters great idea I have been filing fabric. What a concept.  I still need more hanging file folders. I haven't gotten to the third drawer yet, but two are done. I may change a few things. If they are small pieces, I put 3 or 4 fabrics on one file, which made them kind of thick.  Trial and error I guess, but this freed up 2 shelves in my closet for card making supplies.  I rearranged the whole room, so it's a little more user friendly.  When I am making cards or scrapbooking I always hated dragging out all my tools and cluttering up my work area. So, I moved my table next to the closet that most of my tools are in.  I can easily reach in and get a punch or whatever, use it and place it right back in the closet without even getting out of my chair.  I am lovin' that!  I also finally got my  "S  E  W" letters hanging on my bookshelf.  I love the scrolly design. I got them at Hobby Lobby.....1/2 price..Yeah!


  1. Look at you all organized and sh%$#t! Love the letters, they are so darn delicious....

  2. It's just to darned cute! LOVE it!